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Red Borsch

This is the Polish traditional renowned beetroot soup with shredded beets, fava beans, vegetables, and ...



White Borsch

A very special old style soup made from fermented rye flour with smoked sausage and ...



Polish Pierogi

Three pierogi with stuffing of your choice, boiled or pan fried served with caramelized onion, sour ...


Potato Pancakes

Three (3) golden crispy potato pancakes made with our own recipe, served with homemade applesauce and ...


Stuffed Cabbage

One (1) cabbage stuffed with rice, pork, beef and spices served with homemade tomato or mushroom ...


Polish Trio

Two pierogies, two pancakes, polish fresh sausage. Plate good as appetizer for ...


Polish Platter

Try it all! Three pierogi, one stuffed cabbage served with choice of tomato or mushroom sauce, grilled ...